i can’t believe myself

i may be getting emo, i may just be hitting a photo-wall.

but i’m just not producing.

very difficult to adjust to the eugene scene. lot less people.

just try to look at other photog’s work. try to learn.


i looked through a few of my old photos on my hard drive. not too old, but old enough. 

april 2008. june 2008.

kinda weird to look back and see how much different i was.

i was way too into it from the technical side.

i always tried to go the literal approach to street / social documentary.

always tried to just look at people. shoot people right in the face and hope for something to come out.

a shotgun effect,


just looking back, i see so many actually decent shots that i just hated back then. i didnt appreciate the minimalistic value of some photography and photographers.

i think i’m being influenced more and more by HCB, and other “minimalist” streeters.

less of a portrait, more of a scene.


both of those photos were taken on the same day. only an hour an a half between.

amazing how photography can shift just like that.

my photography will shift soon. ill probably steer clear of street. at least street portraiture, and move towards a social documentary style. more minimalist, more HCB like. 

it’s crazy to see that i have so many photos, not only mine, that i usually compare side to side. now i notice they are completely different. i won’t be close up anymore. i like the clear air. 


i’ve been thinking about movements lately. like what’s going on in the art world.

dA is a great way of analyzing that. seeing what is new on deviantart. it explains how the community is moving. what is pop art, and what is being denied.

postmodernism was the movement of the 20th century. barbara kruger, jackson pollock, dali, even shepard fairey

but what is contemporary anymore? times have changed.


whats next?


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Tom Walsh

is a photographer in Eugene, OR. Mainly focusing on street photography and social documentary. He shoots bands and portraits as well. Tom goes to the University of Oregon where he intends to graduate with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography.
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