I Woke Up Today

when  I Woke Up Today, I decided to go to Seattle again. It snowed two days ago here in the pacific northwest so I thought it would be cool to get some shots of people & snow.


Bad idea.

So cold today. At least I had my wool cap, and gloves, two sweatshirts. I was still cold. 

I was OK, but apparently everyone else wasn’t. There was like no one there. So I stayed there for about an hour, and then took the next ferry back. 

I got a roll of film shot, but still. Bad day.

So now I have 4 rolls of Tri-X to develop, and one or two really old rolls of Velvia 50 that I found. I’ll get those into the lab soon. 

The protest shots didn’t really turn out that well. Oh well.


So now I’m sitting here listening to my friend debate with my mom about free trade and politics. Jeeze, the election is over, my poli sci class is over, why am I still listening to this crap?


i’ll develop the tri-x tomorrow in my old photo teacher’s class.

Then find out how to scan them.


I Woke Up Today – Port O’Brien



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Tom Walsh

is a photographer in Eugene, OR. Mainly focusing on street photography and social documentary. He shoots bands and portraits as well. Tom goes to the University of Oregon where he intends to graduate with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography.
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