Shutter Draggin’ with NPSH

Last night was the show for Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, an emerging band from Seattle. 

The concert was at the Vera Project in Seattle Center. The venue sucks because the stage was sooo small and the lighting was not very good, but I had fun nonetheless.

I got about 700 photos of the show. Most of them were scrap. I was shooting with my 50 1.8, and tried not to use flash. I had to after a while though; the lighting was just not good.

So I used the majority of my shots for Shutter Dragging.

NPSH at Vera Project

NPSH at The Vera Project, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA. December 27th, 2008


Not all of them turned out, but a good amount did.

It was hard to get the lights not to cover the face. Practice, I guess.

 The 50 was too close. I wanted to go wider, but I’ve yet to get the 28 1.8 USM. It’s next on my list. Just have to get a job in Eugene.

I don’t know why I like this shot, but it’s one of my favorites. Postmodern, I guess.

A little much, but it’s creative I guess.

Like I said, a lot of them turned out like this. but it looks good i guess. 



Hope you liked it. See all 49 uploaded photos on my facebook album:


Happy belated holidays, and have a happy new year with lots of alcohol 🙂


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