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Front Page News

I stayed up late last night and looked at the Daily Emerald website (UO’s Campus Newspaper) to see if my photos were posted yet.

However, I didn’t expect to get on the front page.

It’s a small paper, but hey, that’s still useful for my resume.

I sent in 7 photos, two got in (because of space issues).

I’m really happy with the outcome, and I hope the Drag Troupe loves the photos as well 🙂

Fabulanzaa Woo St James, 30, from Salem, Oregon, performs under the lights of the LLC Performance Hall Friday night.

Fabulanzaa Woo St James, 30, from Salem, Oregon, performs under the lights of the LLC Performance Hall Friday night.

This is the large one that is on the front page. I like it a lot because of the light in the top left. Hopefully that made it pop.

I was having a lot of problems with lighting that night. The ceiling (as you can kinda see) is low, so it’s not about distance to bounce the flash, but the ceiling is a dark aluminum I think…so not a very good reflective surface.

I used straight-on flash, with a diffuser. I also got a flash sync cord so I can get different flash angles, but that was too difficult, and didn’t produce good shots. I’ll use the cord on street or portraits probably.

Ruby Woo, 25, from Salem, Oregon performs her second drag queen routine for the night.

Ruby Woo, 25, from Salem, Oregon performs her second drag queen routine for the night.

This wasn’t published….a little too “Not safe for work” probably. I like the lighting on it though.

It was a fun shoot. Just wished I could get the flash right.

It was either blurry or blown out. Only a few shots came out.

Diva Simone Slaughter, 39, from Eugene, Oregon, performs her final routine of the night. Diva Simone was the MC for the event as well.

Diva Simone Slaughter, 39, from Eugene, Oregon, performs her final routine of the night. Diva Simone was the MC for the event as well.

The second of 2 images published on the front page and the website of the Emerald.

Probably one of my favorites. Also on deviantART:



I’m hoping to get a few more shoots lined up. Just don’t know what to shoot.

The “Tim & Eric Awesome Show; Good Job!” is coming to Eugene soon…with other celebs I hear.

I might try to get some shots there.

Being a paparazzi is bittersweet. It sucks but it’s a job either way.

Let’s just hope portrait sessions and shoots like the drag show outweigh pap shots.


More Shoots Lined Up

So I never posted a second blog post after the vigil/protest/demonstration/anything else you wanna call it.

Mostly because there were no good shots.

I posted two in my deviantART gallery.

they suck but:


There was a second protest/vigil thingy today. I thought there would be a reasonable number of people there…but there was less than last time. 

Oh well. That sucks.

There was also this whole thing about how both of the groups protesting were protesting against eachother…er something. Hella confusing.


I have a shoot tonight…a drag show.

It’s experience…shut up.


in other news: how does a water balloon shatter a dorm window???

Pre-Gaza Strip and a Candle Light Vigil

Tonight (actually in one hour) I have a shoot in downtown Eugene. It’s on 7th & pearl street, at the old federal building. There’s a group protesting the current Israel-Gaza Strip conflict. Yeah, it’s been going on for a long time, but recently the violence has been getting worse.

So I’ll be heading down to that. I’m shooting for myself (and for this blog), but hopefully the Daily Emerald and the Register Guard wants my shots.

I’ll post another after the protest (and after class, which is right after the protest). Should be about 8-9 tonight.

I went shooting in downtown today, though. And I officially take back what I said about how “Seattle is worse and Eugene is better for street photography.” I didn’t get a single shot. It’s a hard adaptation, but hopefully it will work out.

Bought Cloverfield on DVD. 😀

Art Museums and 01010110100101’s

I went to the Seattle Art Museum today with the parents. It was a fun stroll, especially since I had the History of Western Art course behind me. 

I saw a lot of great postmodern pieces, including:


"Double Elvis" Andy Warhol, 1963

"Double Elvis" Andy Warhol, 1963


"Sea Change" Jackson Pollock, 1947

"Sea Change" Jackson Pollock, 1947

“A Box With The Sound Of Its Own Making” Robert Morris, 1961 which has a box with the sound of its own making.

And finally, an installation that was just totally out of this world. I forget the name and the artist, which sucks, but it was just too awesome.


The special exhibit there this month was Edward Hopper’s Women. Not something I was very fond of (at all), but since it was paintings about the human condition, the exhibit also included a few street photographs…including Lee Friedlander.

A few other great street photogs were there, however I don’t remember the names right now. So that sucks.


However, the highlight of my day was the Classics. I ventured into the classics room to see both goods and bads. First of all, the museum had some oddly placed pieces. For example, there was a red-figure amphora circa 525 B.C. next to a renaissance-era portrait. 

What the fuck.

Oh but it gets better. They also put portrait sculptures next to eachother that are about 1000 years apart, and have some sculptures up against a wall when it’s very necessary to look all the way around it.

Oh museums. How I hate you even more.

The good thing was that there were a few pieces in the Classics / Egyptian exhibit that I actually recognized from class. Very interesting stuff. I’m happy I took that class and I’m actually excited to take Art History again, and possibly even a Classics course.



My website is up! finally. I decided not to have it custom made, but rather just build it my own via a craptastic website creator/host. I used This is your chance to store that name in the “do not use” file in your brain. It’s as crappy as it gets in terms of website creators, but it got the job done for me. 

Anyways, check it out. it’s at bookmark it! even though I probably won’t be updating anything on there. It’s just a venue for clients to contact me by.


Home Again

I’m going back down to Eugene, OR tomorrow morning. Should be there hopefully mid-afternoon, just before sundown. hopefully.

Can’t wait to get off of Bainbridge Island. It was rated 2nd best place to live in the world in 2005, however it admitted that the isolation of island life sucks for teens. It’s true. 

It’s also true that people going 40 MPH on a 55 MPH road gets on your nerves.


Have a nice weekend, and a great first full week of 2009!

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