Art Museums and 01010110100101’s

I went to the Seattle Art Museum today with the parents. It was a fun stroll, especially since I had the History of Western Art course behind me. 

I saw a lot of great postmodern pieces, including:


"Double Elvis" Andy Warhol, 1963

"Double Elvis" Andy Warhol, 1963


"Sea Change" Jackson Pollock, 1947

"Sea Change" Jackson Pollock, 1947

“A Box With The Sound Of Its Own Making” Robert Morris, 1961 which has a box with the sound of its own making.

And finally, an installation that was just totally out of this world. I forget the name and the artist, which sucks, but it was just too awesome.


The special exhibit there this month was Edward Hopper’s Women. Not something I was very fond of (at all), but since it was paintings about the human condition, the exhibit also included a few street photographs…including Lee Friedlander.

A few other great street photogs were there, however I don’t remember the names right now. So that sucks.


However, the highlight of my day was the Classics. I ventured into the classics room to see both goods and bads. First of all, the museum had some oddly placed pieces. For example, there was a red-figure amphora circa 525 B.C. next to a renaissance-era portrait. 

What the fuck.

Oh but it gets better. They also put portrait sculptures next to eachother that are about 1000 years apart, and have some sculptures up against a wall when it’s very necessary to look all the way around it.

Oh museums. How I hate you even more.

The good thing was that there were a few pieces in the Classics / Egyptian exhibit that I actually recognized from class. Very interesting stuff. I’m happy I took that class and I’m actually excited to take Art History again, and possibly even a Classics course.



My website is up! finally. I decided not to have it custom made, but rather just build it my own via a craptastic website creator/host. I used This is your chance to store that name in the “do not use” file in your brain. It’s as crappy as it gets in terms of website creators, but it got the job done for me. 

Anyways, check it out. it’s at bookmark it! even though I probably won’t be updating anything on there. It’s just a venue for clients to contact me by.


Home Again

I’m going back down to Eugene, OR tomorrow morning. Should be there hopefully mid-afternoon, just before sundown. hopefully.

Can’t wait to get off of Bainbridge Island. It was rated 2nd best place to live in the world in 2005, however it admitted that the isolation of island life sucks for teens. It’s true. 

It’s also true that people going 40 MPH on a 55 MPH road gets on your nerves.


Have a nice weekend, and a great first full week of 2009!


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Tom Walsh

is a photographer in Eugene, OR. Mainly focusing on street photography and social documentary. He shoots bands and portraits as well. Tom goes to the University of Oregon where he intends to graduate with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography.
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