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Just got back from the darkroom. I had to print a few things for my Arts & Administration class.
Not fun.

But the prints were pretty interesting. Untraditional. I added things like my hand, my camera, a stray negative, all contributing to the idea of the Process of photography. The process is the art form.
I think any fine art photographer would agree with me. For example, when I shoot street, I use it as a way to relax. It’s like a zen state.
Same for the darkroom. I can spend hours in there (Days, I’m sure, but they won’t let me).
Art is the process, not necessarily the outcome.
And it certainly isn’t about the subject.

Ok. Have to go write about this in a 2-3 page final paper. Kinda scared. Left it to the very very last minute.
Fuck it.

Oh. By the way, the Emerald is back.
We’re still on “strike”, but we’re working. The staff must just love the paper too much.
I do too.
The EIC and the managing editor are meeting with ODE board of directors later this week I believe. Hopefully an agreement can be met.


“The Independent Newspaper at the UO”

No, it’s no longer the Independent Student Newspaper at the University of Oregon. Instead, it’s written by a bunch of journalists known only as the AP.
That’s right. Instead of losing an issue of the Daily Emerald, I guess the Board of Directors decided to release a student newspaper with 0% student involvement.
The front page reads “Wanted for war crimes in Darfur: Sudan’s President”
I love how relevant this is!
It was written by Mike Corder for the Associated Press in THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS!


And below the fold, of course, is the Campus news. Tim Fought for AP Portland writes about Emerald News Staff Protest.
Well at least there’s some recognition.
Also in the paper is the Daily Emerald BoD statement, and a statement from Independent Journalism, the blog that the news staff is writing on to cover the events and talk about the protest. (
Of course, since there was no student involvement, whoever wrote the paper today made a mistake on the front page. I’m too lazy to read the rest of it to see if there are errors, but I thought it was funny that under the board’s statement, it is signed:



So basically this issue is shit.

In other news, I’m going to see Sound Tribe Sector Nine tonight at McDonald Theater, but I’m not bringing my camera (Can’t bring it in). I would attempt to get a press pass … but …

ODE News Staff Strikes

Last night as I turned in my photographs of a hate lecture to the photo editor, the news staff was planning to strike. Sadly, since their demands were not met at last night’s board of directors meeting, the staff is on strike. This doesn’t include me, since I am a freelance photographer, and not officially part of the staff, but I am behind the ODE staff 100%.

The situation is a gigantic mess of conflicts of interests, morals and ethics, and student independence. It’s best for you to read the article written by the Editor in Chief and the Managing Editor instead of listening to me reproduce the article.

ODE Article

The bad news, since most likely the Emerald will not come out tomorrow (Which, I believe is the first time in all 109 years of ODE history that the staff failed to produce a deadline), my photo will not come out either. Dang. Well, I’ll keep you updated on that front.


I woke up today, got an email about a freelance job. Quickly pounced and called the reporter, and got the job.

So I’ll be shooting some lecture or something tonight at 6.

I’ll have photos on here soon after I think.

I’m going to the ODE office (The newsroom) at like 3 or 4 though, because apparently I can borrow some lenses! I’m going to grab a 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM if they have it. The lighting in the location is kinda poor. Same place as the Condom Fashion Show.

This is a big shoot. I’m very excited. Seems like there’ll be a big turnout of people, and I’ll be the lone photographer.


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