ODE News Staff Strikes

Last night as I turned in my photographs of a hate lecture to the photo editor, the news staff was planning to strike. Sadly, since their demands were not met at last night’s board of directors meeting, the staff is on strike. This doesn’t include me, since I am a freelance photographer, and not officially part of the staff, but I am behind the ODE staff 100%.

The situation is a gigantic mess of conflicts of interests, morals and ethics, and student independence. It’s best for you to read the article written by the Editor in Chief and the Managing Editor instead of listening to me reproduce the article.

ODE Article

The bad news, since most likely the Emerald will not come out tomorrow (Which, I believe is the first time in all 109 years of ODE history that the staff failed to produce a deadline), my photo will not come out either. Dang. Well, I’ll keep you updated on that front.


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Tom Walsh

is a photographer in Eugene, OR. Mainly focusing on street photography and social documentary. He shoots bands and portraits as well. Tom goes to the University of Oregon where he intends to graduate with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography.
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